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  • Efficiency as a lifestyle

    Efficiency as a lifestyle

  • Your house by the sea

    Your house by the sea

  • A Winning Team

    A Winning Team

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    Industry leading manufacturing plant

  • A World of Options

    A World of Options

Product Ranges

Pinnacle Range

The Pinnacle Range is our standard sized full range of uPVC Frame and Sash combinations available in both single and double glazing. These standard sizes are industry driven and customers are encouraged you follow these guidelines minimising turnaround time and cost.

Superior Range

The Superior Range is designed to minimise expense and turnaround time whilst maintaining Thermal integrity. This range is limited and designed specifically for smaller solutions. uPVC window sashes are frameless and screw directly into a polymer subframe which is built into the building envelope.

Everest Range

The Everest is our premium window and door offering which includes oversize requirements, a variety of colour options and a multitude of dynamic opening types and functions. This range has a longer turnaround time and comes at a slight premium. It’s worth the wait, and it’s weight in gold!

Customer Driven Solutions

Residential Solutions

This brochure is focussed specially at homeowner domestic needs and the options and benefits available when using uPVC windows.

Commercial Solutions

This brochure was designed specifically to highlight the benefits and logic behind using uPVC windows and door in a commercial office or retail space.

Industrial Solutions

Safety and function is the focus of this brochure highlighting the long-term benefits of bringing uPVC into your production, manufacturing, or storage facility.

Medical Solutions

This brochure focuses on the benefits of using uPVC windows and doors in in medical facilities including hospitals, doctor’s rooms, medical centres, old age homes & frail care.

Educational Solutions

Fostering an environment in which learners can thrive is the content of this brochure. Invest in uPVC for and efficient yet quiet focussed educational environment.

Hospitality Solutions

Financial bottom line and guest experience is the content of this brochure. uPVC has all the properties a hotel requires to achieve its promises. Efficient, quiet, functional, aesthetic and financially viable.

Religious Institution Solutions

This brochure highlights the long-term benefits realised for an institution who using uPVC windows and doors. Creating calm and peacefulness to nurture the soul.