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    Efficiency as a lifestyle

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    Your house by the sea

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    A Winning Team

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    Industry leading manufacturing plant

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    A World of Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Skyward Windows and Doors carry a warranty?

Skyward frames and sashes carry a 10 year warranty against discolouring. The hardware and mechanics carry a 1 year warranty.

Do my windows/doors require any maintenance or servicing?

Your windows/doors should be kept clean and free from the build up of dirt. Oil hinges and cams annually to ensure a smooth effective opening.

What is the correct action to be taken when my windows or doors are damaged or not working?

Please contact your installer for any mechanical or operational issues. Failing that, please contact Skyward Windows directly.

I need a custom window/door solution for my home or building project, can you help me?

Skyward windows offers flexible designs with a multitude of options. We do however have a standard range and anything that falls outside that range is subject to a longer turnaround time and at a slight premium.

How can a ‘plastic window’ offer me what i can get from aluminium or wood?

uPVC frames and sashes were designed specifically to hold double glazing and are fitted with the finest parts and mechanisms available to the industry. They are reinforced with steel which slides into the uPVC profile. Out of sight, but ever present! There are very few design requirements that cannot be achieved with uPVC, but with the added advantage of holding both single and double glazing. uPVC will never corrode or discolour having been UV stabilised, and are practically maintenance free. This is really important considering the harsh African climates. Furthermore, a non-conductive uPVC frame and sash coupled with double glazing is extremely efficient in thermal control and is environmentally friendly saving energy whilst reducing your monthly expense. Over 40% of a homes thermal energy is lost through fenestration (windows & doors). Reducing energy used to cool or heat a building reduces carbon emissions thus having long term benefits. This insulation has vast run-off benefits including sound insulation, minimising dust build up and minimising internal moisture build up.

Do all uPVC window & door manufacturers use the same profile and parts?

No, Skyward windows uses a combination of supply champions sourced locally and from Germany. The Aluplast uPVC profile is a world class product designed specifically for the African climate, they supply this product on a global scale and offer an extremely high quality. An additional benefit is the hardware used in these frames and sashes. GU parts have been specifically designed to be used on the Aluplast profile offering seamless functionality.